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Our Professional Standards


We are governed and monitored by Care Quality Commission. We have sets of policies and procedures in place in order to offer a safe and world-class service to you.

  • At the initial consultation we will listen to your needs and explain all of your options. We will offer all options that are available to you and discuss the cost of relevant option.
  • Before any treatment that is carried out we will make sure that all of your questions are answered and will finally ask for your valid consent.
  • Your safety is of paramount for us. We will therefore ask you to fill in a medical history and we will discuss your general health. All information that you pass on to us is confidential.
  • Part of our screening is to look out for mouth cancer. We will therefore ask you about tobacco and alcohol use as these increases oral cancer risk and may affect the success of your dental and implant treatments.
  • Your safety is vital to us and we take infections control very seriously. Your treatment is therefore performed in specially designed surgeries and theatre in order to prevent complication.
  • All staff receives verifiable training in infection control and how to operate under sterile environment.
  • We have regularly practice meetings where we will review our policies and procedures. We discuss also your comments and remarks in order to improve our services and facilities. Our staff is also involved in suggesting and improving your journey throughout Smile Implant Clinics.
  • We therefore regularly ask you for your views on our services. We deal promptly with the information we gain in this way and use it to enhance your journey and experiences throughout Smile Implant Clinics.
  • All dentists and nurses in the practice take part in continuing professional development, which exceeds the General Dental Council???s requirements. We aim to keep up-to-date with current thinking on all aspects of general dentistry, including preventive care, which reduces your need for treatment.
  • New staff joining Smile Implant Clinics are given training in practice-wide procedures. Once a year, there is an individual review of training needs for everyone in the practice.
  • All members of the practice know of the need to ensure that dentists are working safely. In the highly unlikely event that a dentist in this practice becomes unfit to practise, we will ensure that concerns are investigated and, if necessary, acted upon.
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