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Skin Treatments


We all want to look as good, natural and youthful as we can for as long as possible. Lines and wrinkles, thinning lips, sun-damaged skin and sagging jowls are all signs that time is not exactly on our side, but with a little bit of help it???s possible to roll back the years, looking revitalised and rejuvenated as before.

At Smile Implant Clinics we offer a cutting edge of facial enhancement procedures and we believe that you deserve the best. That???s why we???ve tried, tested and perfected each and every treatment we offer to you; from Anti Wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers to replace lost volume or chemical peel for your skin.

Our Team

We work only with registered and experienced surgeons. We believe that you should be in safe hands and in a safe clinical environment in order to receive this treatment. We use the highest quality of approved products that have been tried and tested and are fully approved medical products in the world.

Our surgeons are well known for their aesthetic eye and expertise. We will listen to you and perform the procedure in the way that you would prefer, in order to make the procedure as natural looking as possible.

We are very proud to share that our referral rate and repeat visits are at an all time high; after all, word of mouth travels a long way.

So whether it???s a subtle enhancement or complete rejuvenation; put your face in the hands of the experts. We offer a comprehensive range of the most up-to-date aesthetic facial treatments available.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are one of the most popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin used on the face, neck and hands. Peels can be a simple, fast and highly effective way to achieve radiant skin for a special event and can also be used to dramatically lessen the effects of more serious skin conditions.

A Chemical Peel simply removes a layer of damaged skin from the face by a chemical reaction to reveal a newer, healthier, fresher layer. The chemical solution applied to the epidermis of the skin, causes the outer layers to peel away. When the skin begins to heal a new cell growth is produced which gives a healthier skin layer and a more youthful appearance. We offer different types of peel and during your consultation advice will discuss your needs and options.

You will achieve the best results from your treatment if you use the right skin care products are used on a regular basis. We analyse your skin and advise the best skin care for your personal needs.

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