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Teeth In A Day


The replacement of missing teeth has been revolutionised by dental implants. Implants are the gold standard treatment for missing teeth that can be as strong and functional as your natural teeth for many years. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, a full arch of missing teeth or secure loose dentures in place. But can this be achieved in a single day?!

The simple answer is YES it can.

Whether you have suffered tooth loss through gum disease, decay, trauma or old age, our dental implants could pave the way to a confident new smile.

Teeth in a day, is the latest revolutionary and permanent alternative to missing teeth and loose dentures. No more painful treatment that drags on for months, no more false teeth, but a beautiful smile, within just one day.

If you are missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw and have been told that you may not be suitable for dental implants due to lack of bone then our revolutionary same day teeth treatment may be the perfect solution for you. Using the latest implant techniques you can have a full arch of missing teeth replaced in a single day procedure. You can literally walk in with no teeth in the morning and be biting into an apple in the evening with your new implanted same day teeth.

The new implants and teeth will also change your facial features and your confidence will be restored immediately.?? Our ???SMILE IN A DAY??? treatment will make you feel happy and confident as you will say farewell to your loose dentures or unsightly gaps in your mouth.

Why choose SMILE IMPLANT CLINICS for Dental Implants?

Our implant surgeons are highly experienced and utilise the very latest implant techniques to ensure rapid recovery times with minimal post-surgery discomfort. Our technology allows us to perform a CT ??? guided surgery with full digital planning to ensure pinpoint accuracy in the placement of your dental implants.

The procedure is also carried out in our fully equipped theatre suite under strict asepsis sterile environment, which increases the success rate and also prevents postoperative complications.

Furthermore we only use the very best dental implant brands and restorative material that have numerous years of research behind them and never compromise with cheaper imported alternatives. As a result our success rate with dental implants is one of the highest in the industry.

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