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Single Implants


Implants are modern dentistry’s answer to missing teeth; nobody will be able to tell the difference!

At Smile Implant Clinics we use high quality German Implants in order to improve the longevity and also aesthetics for your dental implants. We have years of experience in this field and we will make sure your journey is smooth and successful from the start to the end.

Why would I need an implant?

If you have a front tooth or teeth missing and do not wish to wear a denture or bridge the gap by filing your healthy teeth down, then dental implants are the best solution.

Dental implants will also help to restore your missing back teeth. This will improve the function of your bite and also your aesthetics and the ways you speak.

If your denture is loose and have a poor fit, you could have implant retained crowns or implant retained bridges or an implant retained denture in order to secure your teeth.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a small titanium post, used as an artificial replacement for missing teeth. The implant is placed into the jaw bone and can be used to support one or more crowns, bridges or a denture.

Implant Consultation

You journey will start with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team members. You will have the opportunity to discuss and have all of your questions answered on this appointment.

Implant Assessment

After the free consultation, we will arrange a full assessment of your oral health to be carried out by the implant surgeon. 

The assessment will include part or all of the following:

  • A complete examination
  • X Rays
  • Study Models
  • Photographs
  • Treatment Plan

Benefits of Dental Implants

Single tooth implants are now recognised as safe and routine replacement for missing teeth. The treatment duration can vary from one day up to three months depending on several factors.

Single tooth implants can be used in people who are missing one or more teeth. An implant is surgically placed in the jawbone. After the implant integrates to your bone, it acts as a new “root” for the crown that will replace your missing tooth. A crown, which is made to look like a natural tooth, is attached to the implant and fills the space left in the mouth by the missing tooth.

For this procedure to work, there must be enough bone in the jaw. The bone has to be strong enough to hold and support the implant. If there is not enough bone, it may need to be added with a procedure called bone augmentation or bone grafting. In addition, natural teeth and supporting tissues near where the implant will be placed must be in good health.

An implant doesn’t come loose like a denture does. An implant doesn’t either damage your neighbouring teeth like a bridge. Dental implants improve the general oral health because unlike bridges, you do not need to have your healthy teeth shaved down as anchorage.

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