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Cone Beam CT Scanner


What is cone beam CT scan?

CBCT stands for cone beam Computerised Tomography.

It is three-dimensional dental X-ray image, which allows us to view and plan for your dental treatment three dimensionally. Whilst a normal??X-ray produces a two-dimensional image.

CBCT scans are essential for the accurate planning and placement of dental implants. With the help of CBCT scans we can measure the depth, width and density of the jaw bone, and more importantly the depth of bone in the proximity of nerve canals and sinus cavities in a three-dimensional view.

This diagnostic tool will therefore contribute to reduce the risks and saves time during implant or other oral surgery procedures due to accuracy and fewer visits.

Replacing teeth with dental implant treatment has traditionally been associated with long periods of recuperation and high costs, but with our state-of-the-art CBCT scan, we are now able to save time, cost and also be safer at the same time.

The advantages of a three-dimensional dental CBCT scan are:

  • Implant placement is carried out with optimum accuracy with the advantage of the 3D images produced by a CBCT scanner. This measures bone depth, width and density; as well as accurately define the location of anatomical structures such as nerve canals and sinuses.
  • Precise pre-operative planning, in order to make an accurate diagnosis and eliminating any guesswork.
  • Assists in deciding what type of implant to use and where to place it most affectively.
  • Assist to determine whether bone graft or a sinus lift is required
  • Assists with the placement of an implant in a correct three-dimensional angulation.
  • A two dimensional X-ray alone increases the likelihood that certain issues are not seen soon enough which increases the possibility of treatment plan changes.
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