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Bone Augmentation


Bone Augmentation

Sometimes a bone augmentation (bone graft) needs to be completed in order to reform the strength of bone in the jaw and around the specific area where the implant is placed.

There are various types of bone augmentation that may be necessary for different cases. However, the bone augmentation procedure is not needed for all implant treatments, but when the dental surgeon identifies that there is a lack of bone in the area, the process does need to be completed otherwise there will be long term problems and the implant could fail.

Sinus Lift / Augmentation treatment

Sinus lift surgery is carried out when there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw, or the sinuses are too close to the jaw. Patients may need to proceed with sinus lift surgery if:

  • Bone has become too thin or disappeared due periodontal/gum disease.
  • The maxillary sinus may be too close to the upper jaw. The shape and size of the sinus varies from person to person.
  • There is a lack of bone in the area of the upper molars and premolars or anterior (front) teeth.

A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to a patient???s upper jaw, in the area where there are molars and premolars. It is needed if there is a lack of bone in the area where the implant needs to be placed. The bone that is added is between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of the nose. Room is needed to place the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward or ???lifted???.

At Smile Implant Clinic, we advise that the bone should usually be left to heal for 2 ??? 3 months before the implant can be placed.

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