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Full Smile Makeover


Smile makeover is a term used to describe a combination of treatments designed to produce an attractive smile, which will be different for each patient.

Smile makeover starts with a detailed consultation in order for us to listen to your needs and expectations. After a detailed examination of your general and dental health we will produce a bespoke treatment plan and discuss this with you in detail.

The treatment may include porcelain veneers to cover gaps between teeth, orthodontic work to align crowded, crooked or overlapping teeth, correction of a ???gummy smile???, crowns to alter the length, width and overall arrangement of the teeth, teeth whitening to lighten the shade of discoloured teeth and implants or bridges to replace missing teeth.

A smile makeover typically involves restoration of the front six to ten teeth in either the upper or lower jaw or a combination of both.

Many of our patients find that transforming their smile affects their personal and social lives for the better as they have been avoiding social situations and smiling out of a sense of shame about their appearance.

A smile makeover can be a major renovation project depending on the amount of damage that has already occurred to your teeth, yet the outcome is usually the same; you will feel and look healthier.

In order to make your investment in a smile makeover last as long as possible and avoid the need for further dental work, we recommend regular dental and hygiene appointments. This will protect your teeth from the onset of gum and bone disease, which accelerates with age.

  • For an assessment of your smile and a detailed treatment plan for a smile makeover, please contact us for a consultation.
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