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Cerec 3D


The conventional way of having dental restorations is a lengthy and inconvenient process for you. This process involves impressions, provisional teeth, a second visit and does also take up to a fortnight to be made by a dental technician.

The revolutionary approach made by our CEREC 3D machine allows us to design your dental restoration in front of you. More importantly your restoration will be made and fitted in just one visit.??This means that we no longer need to take an impression, make you a provisional tooth, wait for two weeks and most importantly no second visit.

CEREC 3D uses digital technology and creates a 3D image of your mouth. This data is then transferred to a milling machine, which constructs your replacement tooth in just six minutes in front of you.??The high quality ceramic replacement will be matched to your surrounding teeth so it looks incredibly natural.

Such efficiency means that having a new crown or veneer fitted can be done in about an hour and you will only need a single set of local anaesthetic and won???t have to wear provisional tooth while you wait for your permanent replacement.

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