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No set of teeth are the same and no treatment plan is the same

We offer a unique end-to-end service; our staff will care for you from the moment we first hear your voice up until your final review. Your journey begins during a new patient enquiry phone call. We will try and obtain as much information as possible in order to arrange for you to see the most relevant member of our team.

Your initial appointment will be thorough: it involves both a clinician of the relevant specialty and our treatment co-ordinator. You’ll fill out a medical history questionnaire and we will take photographs and relevant X-rays that will complement our clinical examination. This will be followed by a discussion on your bespoke treatment options and we will show you before and after photos of similar cases. All that is discussed will be detailed on a clinical report along with a letter to your referring dentist to keep them updated (if relevant).

If required, we will perform extractions, place fillings, inlays, crowns or bridges always ensuring that the patient is as comfortable and pain-free as possible during the procedure. We take just as much pride in this dental work as we do in our most cutting-edge treatments.

The steps of the journey…

Step 1 – Initial contact & enquiry

We will respond to each and every form of communication with patients and new patients in a professional, friendly, helpful and courteous manner.

Step 2 – Appointment booked

After your appointment has been successfully booked to meet your needs we will send over a confirmation of the booking as well as a welcome pack that will provide further information about the clinic – if you still have any questions you would like to ask, please just ask – we are happy to answer any questions!

Step 3 – Free consultation / First appointment

From when you first enter our clinic to be seen by our treatment coordinator, you will be treated with respect and care and all members of the team will act professionally and in a friendly manner and be courteous to your needs.

You will not be made to feel uncomfortable if you have not been to a dentist in a while, we will be non-judgemental and we understand that anxiety, stress and nerves can really put people off from seeing the dentist. It can be quite a scary time for a lot of people and we understand and sympathies with your fears. There is no rush and everything will be done at a pace you are comfortable with. This consultation is free of charge.

Step 4 – Treatment plan

At this stage you will be booked to see one of our dental surgeons for a detailed consultation. After this consultation a treatment plan will be written and sent over to you. The treatment plan will lay out the treatment options that were discussed at the consultation.

If you are unsure about anything in the plan we urge you to contact us and we will happily explain anything and answer any of your questions – We want you to be in full control of your treatment!

Step 5 – Accepting treatment

After receiving your treatment plan and careful consideration you will need to call or email us for an appropriate appointment.

Step 6 – Treatment

The treatment will commence as planned and we will keep you informed of the progress of your treatment. We will endeavour to make sure you are happy with the way the treatment is progressing.

Our dental surgeons are happy to explain any part of your treatment at any stage you may have further questions. Our goal is to ensure you leave Smile Implant Clinics with the results you always wanted and for you to refer us to your family and friends.

Step 7 – Aftercare

After your treatment is completed, we will contact you to make sure you are satisfied with your smile.

A follow up appointment may also be scheduled so we can check and maintain your oral health.

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